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Boy Scouts of America 2018 Revisited

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Happy New Year to everyone! Now that you’ve counted down to the start of 2019, it’s time to count down to the start of Scouts BSA – only 31 more days until February 1st, when girls will be allowed to join the BSA’s program for 11- to 17-year-olds.

That was the biggest announcement from the BSA in 2018, but the year offered a lot of other highlights, from the official inclusion of the Lions program for kindergarten-age Cub Scouts to an enhanced Youth Protection training course for adult volunteers and professionals.2018 Revised: Boy Scouts of America

If you’re new to Scouting, or you don’t keep your finger on the pulse of the Scouting world, here are a few sources to visit so you can feel confident you know the important things that happened in 2018. And when you’re done with that, make a resolution to go out and be someone who makes something important happen in 2019 for the Scouts in your life, whether that be volunteering within your Scout’s troop, becoming a certified merit badge counselor, accompanying your Scout on campouts, attending Committee meetings, or any other number of ways you can impact Scouting.

* “Greatest hits: the 10 most-read blog posts of 2018,” Bryan on Scouting: A Blog for the BSA’s Scout Leaders – a look at 2018 highlights. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/12/21/greatest-hits-the-10-most-read-blog-posts-of-2018

* "Boy Scouts of America 2017 Annual Report” (45 pages) – this is a great document to simply browse through. Meet the leadership, see the statistics on the number of youth served, take a peek at the financial numbers – it’s all pretty interesting. https://www.scoutingnewsroom.org/about-the-bsa/annual-reports/2017-annual-report

* Scoutbook, the BSA’s online tool for managing and tracking Scout advancement, is 100 percent free as of January 1, 2019. Even if your troop doesn’t use it, you can sign up as a parent for your own personal use. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2019/01/01/happy-new-year-scoutbook-is-now-free-for-scouts-and-scout-units

* The Mormon church announced in May 2018 that it is cutting ties with the BSA and starting its own youth program. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2018/05/09/mormon-church-to-cut-ties-with-boy-scouts-and-start-its-own-gospel-driven-youth-program

If you would like to share your 2019 resolutions for Scouting, please leave a comment below.

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