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2 Things Boy Scout Parents Should Take Care of This Month

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Boy Scout parents – put these two things on your radar for September!

1. Youth Protection TrainingBSA Youth Protection Training

The BSA unveiled an updated Youth Protection training course in February 2018. All adults who are registered with the BSA (volunteers and professionals) MUST complete this new course by October 1, 2018.

Visit the BSA Youth Protection web page to get started.

Bryan on Scouting has a great blog post on this subject, which you can read for more details. Look for the pdf file that outlines the steps to taking the course under the paragraph header “How do I take the updated Youth Protection Course?”

2. Unregistered Adult Volunteers

If you are not registered with the BSA but you volunteer with your Scout’s troop and will be present at a Scouting activity for 72 total hours or more (the hours do not have to be consecutive), then you need to register with the BSA. Registration includes a criminal background check, and completion of Youth Protection training.

Your troop’s Scoutmaster should have a BSA Adult Application for you to complete. If not, you can find the form online.

If you are unsure whether or not you need to register and complete Youth Protection training because of the 72-hour rule, here is my advice: Go ahead and register! Unless the $33 annual membership fee is prohibitive, you will be ready to volunteer for anything without worrying about the hours restriction; you will get an annual subscription to Scouting magazine (a $15 value); and most importantly you will be on the frontline with other adults who are ensuring that youth in the Boy Scouts program are protected. That’s important.

So put these two items on your To Do List, and get them taken care of this month. You’ll have that bit of housekeeping done as you move into the busy fall and winter season.

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